A senior consultants with MMC and senior economist with Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities/Massachusetts Public Utilities Commission, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His has substantial expertise and experience in economic regulations of public utilities, analysis of demand-side management programs, review and analysis of energy forecast and supply plans, programs and policies, poverty research and analysis, demographic studies, population and development in Africa, research in economic demography, social policy analysis, statistics, and econometrics. He has vast experience in population and health planning, and institutional capacity building.

His PhD is in Agricultural Economics and Demography from Pennsylvania State University, USA 1999; MA in Economics from McMaster University, Canada, 1993; Certificate in Population Planning and International Health from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, and Graduate Diploma in Population Studies, Regional Institute for population Studies (RIPS), Ghana, 1984; and BA Economics from University of Ghana, 1982.

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